12 minutes are spent waiting on the platform per trip

APN Outdoor’s Rail advertising spans Wellington Railway Station.

Rail advertising is an ideal solution to target a captive commuter audience with time to absorb key advertising messages on station concourse and platform areas.

An APN Outdoor Rail campaign offers you:

A highly receptive audience

On average, rail travellers spend 12 minutes waiting on the platform per trip. This enables advertisers to rewrite the rules of Outdoor advertising using detailed copy, allowing a far more enriched communication take out.

High impact

Advertising within rail environments can deliver a highly impactful and unmissable advertising experience for commuters. 69% of commuters claim that they pay more attention to advertising in the rail environment than anywhere else.


Looking at advertising and going online are the two top activities people engage in within the rail environment. Both behaviours enable advertisers to capitalise on today’s connected consumer and drive traffic online for more information.

High engagement

Our NeuroInsights research demonstrates an incremental impact in advertiser brand preference of +9% when platform dwell time is over 3 minutes, demonstrating the power of the rail environment to not only drive reach, frequency, impact and visibility, but also to drive sales outcomes.

Sources: Neuroscience Commuter Study, Hoop; Nielsen CMV 2013

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Key Statistics
12 minutes
are spent on a platform each day by commuters per trip
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