Globally, DOOH is the fastest growing format in Outdoor advertising

Globally, Digital-Out-Of-Home is the fastest growing format in Outdoor Media and APN Outdoor is growing quickly to help advertisers catch the wave. 

Think local:

Now you can more easily localise your messages to match the market that is closest in proximity to each Digital Billboard. If an advertiser has multiple outlets, each Billboard can be customised with messaging appropriate for the local area.

New opportunities for retailers:

Up until now, mainly due to the relative expense of production and changing out skins, Large Format Billboards have not always been appropriate for retail advertisers. But Digital Outdoor Media has changed all that. Sales, discounts, limited-time offers and one-off specials can now be cost-effectively communicated. Need to respond to a competitor’s message? It is as easy and immediate as uploading a new creative to the digital hub.

Action and interaction:

Now consumers can interact directly with Digital Billboards. Social networks can connect to them. Online images and content can be easily shared and effortlessly downloaded through a whole range of mobile technologies. The possibilities are endless.

Time is on your side:

Now advertisers can make the most of digital billboards to generate buzz in the lead up to brand or product launches with countdowns that build hype and expectation.

Tell a story:

Multiple ad slots allow you to run consecutive executions, so advertisers can build a case for their brand or tell a story. Each slot is eight seconds long and there are six slots in total. So one slot will appear for eight seconds and roll around again after forty seconds. An advertiser can opt to schedule their slots consecutively to tell a story.

Keep up with the game:

Topical responses to the news, messages that reflect the prevailing weather conditions, executions can now even keep pace with scores in sporting events as they happen. Digital technology provides advertisers with greater flexibility than ever before to keep up with whatever is current and to tap into what matters most to the consumer at that given moment.

They command attention:

Large Format Digital Billboards are dramatically transforming the way advertisers interact with consumers. The high quality visual appeal is stunning, with new attributes that offer the advertiser far more flexibility and immediacy.

Quality resolution at scale:

Every one of our Large Format Digital Billboards is high resolution, so your images and advertising will look just as clear to passers-by as those on your high definition LED TV at home. Our Digital Outdoor screens are the best available worldwide. They automatically adjust to local ambient light conditions so they can easily be seen no matter how bright the sunlight.

Different days. Different messages:

Now advertisers can run different messages throughout the week to take advantage of differing consumer behaviour and differing mind-sets on different days of the week.

Customised messaging:

Being able to alter messaging at different times of the day provides advertisers with the ability to leverage their ad spend considerably. For example, an FMCG company can rotate a selection of different product brands from non-competing categories across the campaign period with ease. Or a Quick Service Restaurant can display breakfast messages from 6.00am – 10.30am, lunchtime messages across the midday period and dinner messages from 2.30pm – 10.00pm.

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Key Statistics
71% of New Zealanders agree that Digital Billboards are better at attracting and maintaining their attention than a static billboard
50% of people claim to have taken action after seeing Digital Outdoor advertising *
34% of people who have seen a Digital Billboard in the past 6 months have gone to the brands website as a result *
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