55% of people have seen advertising on a Billboard in the past 7 days

An APN Outdoor Billboard campaign gives your brand unparalleled national coverage in the best locations in the country.

Our Billboards command attention on the largest and busiest roadways in the country. This means we can reach the broadest market, or the most specific target audiences, depending on your campaign objectives.

We’re also the largest supplier of Billboards in New Zealand’s most affluent areas – so you can reach your potential customers when they’re travelling to and from work, in and out of airports and moving around their communities.

An APN Outdoor Billboard campaign offers you:


Billboards are woven into the fabric of our day to day lives, they are unmissable and you simply can’t switch them off! One in two people notice Billboard advertising.


Over 2 million people drive to work and spend an average of 1 hour in their cars each week. Billboards can deliver very high levels of reach and frequency to a campaign; across motorways, major arterials into the suburbs and the CBD.


Billboards can be positioned in highly strategic locations; whether that be within local communities, within proximity to a particular store or venue or reaching commuters on major arterials on their way home from work. Proximity based campaigns can fuel campaign relevance, impact and recall.

Innovation and standout

APN Outdoor have a team of specialists to support advertisers in bringing their Billboard campaigns to life. We use a variety of techniques across 2D and 3D special builds, lighting effects, smoke effects and a variety of texture effects.

Brand credibility

Our high quality Billboards lend credibility and stature to advertising messages, with brands featured on Billboards considered more trustworthy and more likely to be the category leader.

DTV* – The Daily Traffic Visual figures are independently verified by Critchlow Associates using NZTA, local council and census data, commissioned by OMANZ. *Excludes airport sites.

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Key Statistics
55% have seen advertising on a Billboard in the past 7 days
61% of people have a high opportunity top to see Outdoor advertising
62% of people drive to work each week
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