“87% of international travellers to the South Island enter via Christchurch Airport and 74% of all travellers entering New Zealand visit Auckland Airport”

Airport advertising portrays a brand as ‘premium’, ‘designer’, ‘global’ and ‘quality’. With our Airport portfolio you can command attention, while promoting your brand to business and leisure travellers in Christchurch Airport.

APN Outdoor proudly reaches commuters travelling through both Auckland and Christchurch Airport.

Christchurch airport reaches over 6 Million passengers per year, and is the main gateway to the South island with 87% of all international visitors to the South island flying via Christchurch.

Auckland airport reaches 15 million passengers annually and when this figure is combined with the ‘meeter, greeters’ and staff that pass through each year, it equates to more than 36 Million district visits. As the largest airport in New Zealand, it is not surprising that 74% of all visitors coming into the country come through the Auckland airport.  

An APN Outdoor Airport campaign offers you:

High dwell time

There’s a lot of downtime waiting for flights and baggage at airports. With Airport advertising you have the opportunity to deliver detailed, copy-rich messages to your potential customers.


Our digital and experiential solutions at airports give a value boost to your campaign and provide the ultimate in creative flexibility.


Our WiFi and promotional displays in airport destinations deliver incremental engagement.


Airport advertising frames brands as premium, designer and global.

The right mood and mindset

Consumers at airports tend to be in good spirits, either anticipating a holiday or a return home. They are in the perfect frame of mind to absorb your campaign’s message.

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DTV* – The Daily Traffic Visual figures are independently verified by Critchlow Associates using NZTA, local council and census data, commissioned by OMANZ. *Excludes airport sites.

Our formats

Portrait and Landscape Digital

Bring your campaign to life with our internal digital network of Portrait and Landscape panels, using animation, high definition video or 3D graphics.

Key Statistics
Christchurch Airport
New Zealands’s second largest airport
New Zealand's largest airport
87% of all international travellers to the South Island enter via Christchurch Airport
36% of people have seen airport advertising in the past month
71% of domestic departing passengers spend at least 30 mins in the terminal
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