The Social Economy


To investigate the mobile behaviour of consumers and the synergy between mobile, social media and Outdoor advertising. Our aim was to see how Digital Billboards could be utilised to drive in-real-life conversations online and the potential brand leveraging opportunities from a growing Outdoor audience.


We analysed the current changes and attributes of mobile ownership to prove phone internet and social media usage was on the rise. To find a connection between smartphones and Outdoor we drew from our research study findings within The Attention Economy.

Our partnership with Twitter during the Australian Open allowed us to experiment with unique hashtags to see what drives engagement as well as test the success of broadcast amplification.


As expected the study proved social media usage is on the rise and consumers see their phones as an essential part of everyday life; 59 percent of people admit they would be lost without it. As audiences are continually living their life’s ‘on the go’, the study revealed mobile usage to be in short frequent bursts throughout the day. Consumers spend on average 33 minutes per day accessing the Internet on their smartphones at various locations and 18.5 hours per week outside, the results supporting the synergy between online and Out-Of-Home.

The aim to amplify the hashtag #AusOpen during the Australian Open campaign proved successful; the use of the hashtag grew significantly from 2015’s campaign. The study went further and examined what kind of messaging compelled audiences to take action online. While incentive driven messaging proved more effective over sentimental for this particular campaign, we also realised the reaction to specific messaging was largely dependent on the target audience and how they associated themselves to the content.

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