Outdoor Media Association of New Zealand (OMANZ)

The national industry body is vital to the growth of Outdoor in New Zealand. It represents the majority of the country’s Outdoor advertising businesses and is supported by a core of service affiliates.

As one of the founding members of OMANZ, we are excited about this relatively new industry association and are 100% behind its purpose, Mission and Vision.

Mission: To serve the OMANZ members by promoting the industry and developing positive relationships with its primary stakeholders

Vision: To have people to fall in love with Outdoor media

Association of New Zealand Advertisers (ANZA)

Their Mission – Promote and advocate for an industry environment of free and legitimate commercial communication guided by industry self-regulation. Promote commercial transparency with all media, communications agencies and other support consultancies and promote the development, promotion and advocacy for advertising and marketing communications for the benefit of New Zealand.

Communication Agencies Association (CAANZ)

CAANZ is an incorporated body representing the interests of members on issues affecting the advertising industry and agencies.

APN Outdoor proudly supports the advertising industry which includes the sponsorship of the annual CAANZ Media Awards.

NZ Marketing Association

APN Outdoor is a proud supporter of the marketing industry. It is actively involved in helping the NZMA meet its obligations to facilitate and promote best practice, responsible marketing and champion self-regulation over government legislation.


ICG has been APN Outdoor’s preferred production partner since 2009. They came from nowhere to challenge long established firms as New Zealand’s leader in Large and Grand Format digital printing and signage and today lead the way in technological advancement and quality printing. In fact, in terms of quality product, reliable service and cost, no-one offers a better total package.

As well as investing in the most advanced UV, Solvent and Dye machinery from HP, Epson, Seiko, Roland and Kuendo, Boston Digital has built up a team of specialists who know how to get the very best results every time.

The Blues

Netball New Zealand (NNZ)


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