APN Outdoor aims to unite the industry with the release of Calibre


AUCKLAND: Leading Outdoor business, APN Outdoor, have today revealed their plans to revolutionise the Outdoor measurement scene in New Zealand, with the launch of one of the most sophisticated tools in the industry, due later this year.

In a move to drive an industry standard, the system - to be known as Calibre - will not only encompass APN Outdoor’s sites, but also the sites sold by Go Media and Media5. The opportunity to be included will also be extended to other Outdoor media operators.

APN Outdoor commissioned locally based Reachmedia to develop their robust industry currency, with the aim of delivering measurability and accountability. With the Outdoor landscape experiencing strong and sustained growth, Calibre comes at the perfect time, allowing for strategic and tactical decisions around site selection and improved efficiency when planning outdoor campaigns.

The Calibre platform will encompass three key components that inform its outputs:

  1. Reach and frequency measures
  2. Rich behavioural and demographic audience insights
  3. A customised planning dashboard that will allow planners to identify optimal sites for their campaigns.

When asked what separates Calibre from other Outdoor providers’ systems in this space, APN Outdoor New Zealand General Manager, Mike Watkins commented, “Our approach was a considered one. The first objective was to partner with organisations who are leading the way in New Zealand. We needed to ensure that we deliver a world class platform, which will meet the current needs of the market, and have a clear roadmap for future innovation".

In addition to Reachmedia, APNO have partnered with Snakk Media, Experian, Marketview and Qrious, to develop Calibre.

Calibre’s comprehensive mix of datasets both quantifies and paints a picture of the audience living, working and travelling in the country as well as outlining the role Outdoor media assets play in their space.  Calibre will provide a wealth of insight for New Zealand advertisers, media agency planners and buyers, revealing unmatched visibility into all APN Outdoor, Go Media and Media5 sites, and ensuring planning is exceedingly efficient.

Calibre works by supplementing traffic data with a vast universe of aggregated, anonymised people movement data to calculate Audience Reach and Frequency at site and campaign level. This Audience is enriched by established segmentation tools, modeled purchasing behaviour and demographic characteristics. All told there are more than one billion data points in the Calibre audience measurement system.

A spokesperson for Reachmedia commented, “The methodology adopted for Calibre has been developed by researching and selecting best practices from Out of Home providers across the globe. Partnerships were established based on the prerequisite they could provide continuous and accurate insight as NZ’ers travelling patterns and time spent out of home continues to grow. 

The Calibre platform has been built to allow for additional functionality and data sources as market feedback will dictate the evolution of the platform. The platform allows agencies to select the best strategic billboard sites from targeted and localised campaigns to full national rollouts.”

For more information and the chance to test Calibre, please contact Mike Watkins, APN Outdoor General Manager.


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